2 de marzo de 2007

Which Existentialist Philosopher Are You?

Existencialist meme

De antemano, intuía que saldría ese resultado.
Ni modo, lecturas de juventud are powerful e inolvidables.

You scored as Friedrich Nietzsche. You are Friedrich Nietzsche. You are a sweet philosopher who belived that humans are caught up in "herds" and need to break free and be individuals. Also, there are no standards to judge against, because "God is dead." You also probably suffer from a mental illness, probably due to some form of an untreated STD, and will most likely suffer a mental collapse.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Soren Kierkegaard


Jean-Paul Sartre


Martin Heidegger


Albert Camus


Not An Existentialist


Which Existentialist Philosopher Are You?
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*Lo ví en el blog de Daniel Herrera, aquí

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